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Sally Purcil
Learning Success Advisor
May 2021 Development Release Notes (Updated May 08, 2021)

• Training Manager: fixed certificate preview

• Learning Manager Pro: show LRS audit for user when there are some statements without a lesson

• Learning Manager: show all locations and teams on organisation page when there are more than 10

• All: put help at top of app switching menu

• Learning Manager: new column in user list to show when user was
added to Qintil

• Course Manager: removed 'SCORM' option from description of tincan lessons
April 2021 Development Release Notes (Updated April 13, 2021)

• Learning Manager (beta): added validation to the invite user page to make location and name mandatory

• Course Manager: Fix for rename section to stop a rename from re-ordering the sections

• Learning Manager: removed requirement for departments/teams to be linked to branches/locations

• Learning Manager Pro: new feature settings for organisations to match new subscription packages/addons

• Learning Manager (beta): new organisation page

• Learning Manager (beta): new department users page

• Learning Manager (beta): new branch users page

• Education Manager: Incomplete pages are now hidden

• Education Manager: pricing level and instructor options on profile page

• Learning Manager Pro: provider and organisation 'view' links now go to new EM and LM

• Learning Manager Pro: fixed duplicate course when copying from provider to organisation

• Learning Manager Pro: new Registrations page for creating registration codes to allow orgs to self register with a set of courses provided

• Learning Manager: edit branch fix

• Learning Manager Pro: show trial expiry on organisation list

• Learning Manager Pro: fixed organisation search

• Learning Manager Pro: new online classroom section showing all recent and upcoming sessions and option to change server for each session and launch a demo classroom

• Education Manager: redirect EM users to new EM on login

• Education Manager: show old courses in new EM

• Login: force logout of existing user when another user logs in

• Education Manager: show old courses in new EM

• Learning Manager Pro: edit organisation trial end date

• Learning Manager (beta): record learners answers to quiz questions and show in enrolment history dialog on user card

• Learning Manager (beta): show summary from LRS statements for in enrolment history dialog on user card

• Education Manager: fixed course settings page

• Training Manager: renamed Education Manager to Training Manager

• Training Manager: fixes for creating sessions and launching online classroom

• Learning Manager : record completions correctly for old ILT courses for user who have not accepted invitation (fixes matrix report and old users page for Hendercare

• Backend: improved error logging for new pages

• LRS: prevention of duplicate statement errors in new LRS

• Training Manager: default server selection for ILT online classroom sessions when course does not have a country set

• Learning Manager : fixed rename first department step in new organisation registration

• Learner: fixed exemption request when adding new achievement for CM courses

• Learning Manager : email support when user is promoted to account owner or administrator

• Learning Manager: department selection fixed on old create user page

• Learner: fix for submitting exemption request for CM courses

• Learning Manager Pro: new option to set commission for providers

Julia PhillipsQintil Team
Head of Customer Success and Courses
You've set up your training - great! How can you boost engagement?
March 2021 Development Release Notes (Updated March 23, 2021)

• Learner: show requested/declined/approved exemption statuses to learner and allow editing and removal of requested/declined requests

• Learning Manager (beta): new bulk exemption function to add exemptions for all learners who have completed an equivalent course

• Learning Manager (beta): corrected user card compliance stats for users with exemptions

• Learning Manager (beta): fixed bulk resend invitation action for users with no email

• Learner - prevent resuming tincan lessons when course has been reset (CM courses)

• Learner: record duration of tincan lessons (CM courses)

• Learning Manager (beta): course reset, unassign course and change assignment category actions on user card

• Education Manager (beta): link to old report page from new EM

• Learner: removed duplicate organisation name from compliance emails

• Education Manager (beta): fixed replace lesson function for ispring content

• Learning Manager (beta): changed bulk exemption process to add exemptions for all users, not just those assigned to the new course

• Learning Manager (beta): include course history for old courses on user card

• Learning Manager (beta): fixed exemptions list page to show document previews

• Learner: fixed duration input for exemption requests from new courses

• Learning Manager (beta): some small fixes for new user card

• Course Store: update for some courses that were giving error on buy page

• Course Store: another update for buying, this time after the buy page (issue was only with a few really old courses)

• Learning Manager (beta): allow managers to add and edit exemptions

• Learner: prevent editing/removing achievements that have been used as evidence for approved exemptions

• Learning Manager (beta): allow preview/approve/decline of exemption requests from user card

• Learning Manager (beta): fixes for course resets and certificates

• Learning Manager (beta): various small improvements on user card

• Learning Manager: new 'preview' feature can be set for org in LMP. When enabled LM will shows new pages instead of old pages with header showing 'this is a preview...' and link to old version of page. Currently Courses and Users pages but will add more as they are ready.

• Learner: fixed link to CM courses in compliance emails

• Learner: exclude CM courses marked as exempted from compliance email

• Learner: performance improvement on overview page for learners with large document libraries

• Learner: compliance email document organisation fix and performance improvement

• Learner: exclude CM courses marked as exempted from being shown as required on overview page

• Learning Manager: dashboard error for orgs with large number of pending users

• Learning Manager: updated CM courses that were showing as exempted on user card for pending users

• Learning Manager (beta): fix for bulk resend invitation function

• Learning Manager (beta): fixed course selection for exemption requests

• Education Manager (beta): sales report added in new EM

• Learning Manager (beta): show remaining courses tooltip on users list page

• Learning Manager (beta): include starts and resets in course history on user card

• Learning Manager (beta): show course categories as collapsed when user card loaded

• Learning Manager (beta): performance improvement for new users page

• Learning Manager: fixed date filtering and sorting for completed courses report (when org has completed CM courses)

• Learning Manager: fixed user list compliance for users with multiple completions of same course

• Learning Manager (beta): fix department removal for user and user access

• Learning Manager (beta): hide edit access buttons for users without rights to edit access

• Learning Manager (beta): show updated access rights on user card as soon as they are modified

• Learning Manager (beta): allow selection of department for a user when the department is not linked to the users branch

• Learning Manager & Learner: pink theme for c4u

• Learning Manager (beta): improved course history on user card for exemptions

• Learning Manager (beta): new improved completion matrix report

• Learning Manager Pro: identify ihr users in user list

• Learning Manager (beta): filtering on user page now works by group so if you select multiple filters from same group it will show users matching any of the conditions from the group

• Learning Manager (beta): breadcrumbs for import users and archived users pages

• Learning Manager (beta): fixed add user access rights setting

• Learning Manager (beta): fixed link from user card to achievements

• Learning Manager (beta): all progress circles on user card now same size

• Education Manager: fixed links broken in last release

• Learning Manager (beta): link from new matrix page to old page

• Learning Manager: fixed page layout for bulk certificate export from completed courses report

• Learning Manager (beta): save matrix report fix

• Learning Manager (beta): new documents pages with improved reporting

• Learning Manager (beta): improved mobile layout for courses, users and user card pages

• Learning Manager Pro: feature switch for advanced reports

• Learning Manager (beta): new report list page (can now disable access to some reports when org does not have advanced reports feature)

• Learning Manager (beta): checks and licenses upgrade page

• Education Manager (beta): add Course Manager courses to bundles and free/enquiry option for bundle pricing

• Learning Manager (beta): new team users page

• • Training Manager: renamed Education Manager to Training Manager

• Learning Manager Pro : providers page now show a badge on hidden and inactive providers and hide and deactivate buttons are now working

• Education Manager : new option for provider to add a course to their learner account or reset the course if it is already in their account (reset here removes their entire history rather than starting a new enrolment)

•Training Manager: allow all lesson types for all TM users

• Learning Manager (beta): qintil for managers course removed for new

• Login: log out existing user before starting new user registrations (new user, join organisation, new organisation)

• Training Manager: fixed redirects to new TM for all users

• Training Manager: fixes for creating sessions and launching online classroom

• Learning Manager (beta): record completions correctly for old ILT courses for user who have not accepted invitation (fixes matrix report and old users page for Hendercare)
Julia PhillipsQintil Team
Head of Customer Success and Courses
COVID-19 vaccine aged care readiness toolkit (Australia).
Julia PhillipsQintil Team
Head of Customer Success and Courses
Free Webinar provided by the Older Persons Advocacy Network for Australian residents:
Julia PhillipsQintil Team
Head of Customer Success and Courses
Reminder for Australian Residential Aged Care: Infection and Control (IPC) Leads
Julia PhillipsQintil Team
Head of Customer Success and Courses
VIC Australia Aged Care: enhanced restrictions and PPE requirements
Julia PhillipsQintil Team
Head of Customer Success and Courses
For aged care staff in Australia:

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February 2021 Development Release Notes (Updated February 19, 2021)

• Course Manager: Added sections to organise groups of lessons

• Course Manager: Warning when leaving lesson without saving changes

• Learning Manager Pro: sorting by manager for organisations and by owner for courses

• Course Manager: max seats for ILT sessions

• Course Manager: instructors (LM and EM) can now remove learners from sessions

• Course Manager: fixes for ILT lessons (time zone issues when setting session times, filename display for presentation files, updating instructors, update grading notification count when grades are actioned, join classroom fix, prevent multiple submission of session add/update)

• Store: send invoice to provider when purchased by individual

• Course Manager: seat limits for CM courses from providers

• Learning Manager (beta): updates to user course history

• Store: fixed purchasing bundles

• Learning Manager (beta): show page title in tabs (eg. shows user name when on user card)

• Learning Manager Pro: Courses list for organisations with add/remove course & add/remove seat allocations functions

• Learner: Fixed recording completions for tincan lessons (CM courses)

• Learning Manager (beta): zoom cursor to indicate when document previews can be zoomed

• Learning Manager (beta): exemption requests page with quick preview and approve/decline functions

• Education Manager (beta): bulk actions for course deletion, publish and unpublish

• Learning Manager (beta): fixed access to CM courses from other providers for admin users

• Learning Manager (beta): show expired statuses for checks on user cards

• Learning Manager (beta): allow LM users to update course settings but not certificate settings for courses from other providers

• Learning Manager (beta): Removed course actions from user card for CM courses

• Course Manager: backend changes for exemption requests

• Course Manager: fixed launch online classroom links

• Learning Manager (beta): fixed course list filter for courses from own organisation (and sorting of filter items)

• Course Manager: updated ILT lesson description and highlight colour for add session button

• Learning Manager: fixed bulk certificate download where report contains completions with no certificates

• Learning Manager (beta): enable certificate settings editing for organisation created courses

• Learning Manager (beta): new user import functionality that allows users to be added and updated via csv file

• Accounts: allow organisations to create users without an email

• Learning Manager (beta): exemption requests page for viewing/approving/declining exemption requests from all users

• Learner: set tincan lessons as completed when the lesson uses 'passed' instead of 'completed' verb

• Learning Manager (beta): fixed display of expiry and max attempts fields under course settings

• Learner: download certificate fix for learners

• Learning Manager: reporting fix to show completions for CM courses with expiry