November 2021 Development Release Notes (Updated November 29, 2021)

• Course Manager: Course feedback - currently only enabled for internal users

• Learning Manager: allow exemptions to be added from user card without requiring a reset

• Learning Manager: prevent future dates (or old dates) for exemption requests added from user card

• Learning Manager: fix for determining completion for some rare cases when course has multiple enrolments that overlap in dates

• All: updated backend frameworks to support Hobson project

• Learning Manager Pro: organisations page is now for LM, SM and RM (learning, staffing, recruitment manager apps). The 'view' button is replaced by LM, SM, RM buttons depending on which apps the organisation has access to. Access can be added/removed from organisation > edit

• Learning Manager: Enabled new dashboard for all users

• Course Manager: Enabled course feedback for all users

• Learning Manager: Performance improvements for Users page

All: added Staffing Manger and Recruitment Manger items to app switching menu (listed as 'coming soon' unless already enabled for org)