Since we're all practising social distancing, it's not going to be possible to run physical workshops for a while.  So, how do you recreate the setup online?


We're busy building a virtual classroom in Qintil, but until that's ready here are some ways to run virtual classrooms and record the results in Learning Manager.  Here are our 2 favourite tools.

Zoom is one of the better known video conferencing tools.  It's is a very easy way to bring up to 100 participants together in a virtual classroom.  The app can run on a phone or tablet or on your users' home computers, and clever audio software drowns out background chatter.  You can share your screen in real time, and users can virtually 'raise a hand' to get your attention if they want to ask a question.  Best of all, it's free for a 40 minute session, and very cheap if you need more time and features. 

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Loom sounds like Zoom but its very different.  It lets you record your screen and provide instruction and commentary with a live picture in picture frame of yourself.  Loom lets you edit the video easily, add annotations and share privately or publicly.  You can download the file and upload it somewhere else to play later.  Loom have a great free version, but if you want extra features, it starts at $10 per user.

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How do you use these tools with Qintil?

You can create classroom courses in Qintil that include an embedded video, or a link to a third party URL.

If you use Zoom - best for live sessions - just create a new course from the Courses menu, and embed the unique Zoom link in the description - you can add instructions on how your users can access the classroom plus links to anything else.

If you use Loom, you can download the video once you've recorded it, and embed the video in the new course creation page.  Then your users can watch it whenever they want.

You can mark required attendance and completions in Qintil by clicking on the blue Course Attendance icon.

Learn about how to set up and manage classroom courses here.