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Release Notes (Updates and Fixes)
Release Notes (Updates and Fixes)

Here we post monthly release notes on products updates, new features and bug fixes.  If you have a feature you want us to build, or a bug to report check out the Community pages or email us

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January 2021 Development Release Notes (Updated January 24, 2020) • Admin: fixed google user import • Course Manager: max quiz attempts and expiry period settings for courses • Course Manager: external lessons restrict to 'open in new tab' when link... (More)
December 2020 Development Release Notes (Updated December 27, 2020) • Learning Manager: hide checks section on user card when checks are disabled for organisation • Courses Manager: layout/styling improvements to course manager course detail page and learner course introduction page... (More)
November 2020 Development Release Notes (Updated November 30, 2020) • Courses Manager: edit course and assign course access restrictions • Courses Manager: updated adding video lesson url • Courses Manager: improved quiz creation and create course access • Admin: Orgs... (More)
October 2020 Development Release Notes (Updated October 29, 2020) • Admin: improved user type filters • Admin: compliance is now visible when loading next page of data • Admin: hide compliance column when there is a course filter applied •... (More)